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Prices for Typical Extensions

Permitted Development package – £565

For a Building Regulations Full Plans application

Where Planning Permission is not required


Planning only package – £615

Where the client undergoes their own ‘Building Notice’ application for Building Regulation requirements


Planning and Building Regulations package – £750

To include Planning and Full Plans Building Regulations applications. 


The above packages include the initial draft drawing and a 5% discount from the price list below.

See Price Notes and Prices Explained below for further details.

Price List

For typical ground floor extensions, conversions and alterations:

Service Price
1 Initial Consultation and Survey FOC
2 First draft Drawings £350.00
3 Build Cost Estimates £45.00
4 Each significant re-draw of draft £70.00
5 Final Drawing £110.00
6 Planning £190.00
7 Building Regulations £140.00
8 Feasibility Study £355.00
9 Second storey to extension – start at £60.00
10 2nd ground floor extension – start at £60.00
11 Loft conversion POA
12 Major internal work POA

Price Notes

1. Initial consultation and survey is to include a visit that usually takes 1½ to 2½ hours. During this visit we have a thorough discussion about the proposed scheme, make sketches, take internal dimensions and external photographs.

2.The first draft drawings will follow the survey and be sent as a pdf (Adobe) attachments in A3 by e-mail for the clients perusal. Notes of explanation covering options, problems and solutions will be contained within the e-mail.  For those that wish to recieve supplementary paper A3 copies of the drawings by post, an additional charge is made of £18 per large envelope sent.

3. A price estimate for each differing design is available if required. Each design is calculated separately and an estimate provided. A more detailed breakdown of costs may be completed at additional rates.

4. Minor alterations to the initial draft, such as moving a window or door, are completed free of charge.  For major amendments and redraws, the fee is applicable. This includes one explanatory e-mail. Sending further explanatory e-mails less than 200 words are completed free of charge, but longer, more detailed e-mails will be subject to an additional charge of £12 each.

5. Once all the draft drawings have been approved by the client, to aid presentation some additional colouring, hatching and text is done. The elevations and existing floor plan scales are 1:100, section and proposed floor plan scales are 1:50. The drawings will now be ready for distribution to interested parties and the Local Authority.

6. The planning application documents are completed and with the drawings, electronically submitted. A block plan scaled at 1:500 is drawn, if the client does not have a suitable location map, a site centred Ordnance Survey map is purchased at a cost of £18.60p. The balance of the work completed to date is now due. The Local Authority application fee is paid directly by the client.

7. The detailed Construction Notes are written up and with the drawings, the Building Regulations application documents are completed and electronically submitted. The balance of the work completed to date is now due. The Local Authority application fee is paid directly by the client. If there are structural engineering calculations and sketches required, the price will be amended to reflect the additional cost. A quotation can be provided for these services.

8. There are unfortunately some ideas that do not come to fruition. Usually through financial or impracticality issues. In these circumstances we do feel disappointed for the client and offer prices 2 & 3 at a 10% discount. We do also offer a free idea checking service, just mention idea checking when using the contact form

9. For a second storey an additional charge is made. If it is particularly large or complex, a quotation will be provided.

10. For a second ground floor extension an additional charge is made. If it is particularly large or complex, a quotation will be provided.

11. Loft conversions in most cases require a high degree of structural work, fire protection and sufficient room for the stairs to fit. We have extensive experience in this type of conversion and would need to view a proposal before providing a quotation. Costs are usually similar though to the standard price list.

12. In some cases extensive internal alterations are required in addition to an extension. A quotation will be provided for such work, but typically it is £80 – £120.

Prices Explained

Our prices policy is to be completely open about all the separate sections of our work. The price list above, with accompanying notes, set out our primary and secondary fees. We believe we offer a very high level of service at the best rates. The design aspect of any project is by far the most important. Time and money spent at this stage will recoup itself many times over, both during construction and thereafter. Build cost estimation and scheme redraws are sometimes needed and these are included too.

If you are unsure that your proposal is viable and do not want to wish for the initial visit and subsequent draft drawings, we do offer a free ideas checking service. You send some notes, sketches with dimensions and photographs, we will look at it and reply to say if your ideas are workable. A true reflection of the knowledge and experience within the company is not really covered in the above. More complex and involved projects can and are undertaken, with a level of management and overseeing if required. Once a proposal is defined, prices can be given for this type of work too.

For the discounted packages, the term ‘Typical Extension’ is to mean a single ground floor extension to a terraced, semi-detached or detached house.  The house is to have a maximum of four roof planes (in other words two parts to a single roof structure) and one chimney.  Additional roof planes, conservatories, porches and other architectural features do take longer to survey and draw so could be subject to additional charges.  These charges will be conveyed after the survey, during which they will become apparent.

The Permitted Developments discounted package includes price list numbers 2, 5 & 7.

The Planning Only discounted package includes price list numbers 2, 5 & 6.

The Planning and Building Regulations discounted package includes price list numbers 2, 5, 6 & 7.

The 5% discount has been rounded up to the nearest lower £5 figure.