Our Background

The proprietor, Grahame Aldington, has over 40 years of experience working mainly in the domestic housing sector. For the last 31 years has run his own business, Blenheim Building & Design, based in the Evesham area. The venture has been primarily involved in new builds, house renovations, improvements, extensions, loft and garage conversions. More recently including a much higher percentage of historic buildings. In the early years of the business many clients had difficulty in engaging an Architect willing to take on smaller jobs. So Grahame decided to revive an area of his earliest training and do the drawings and relevant applications himself. He continued this service for clients that enquired without plans or drawings. This side of the enterprise expanded rapidly six years ago and is now the only endeavour done by the business.

Our Experience

Over the period of his working and business life Grahame has built up a vast knowledge and experience of all aspects of the domestic construction process. He has completed many projects from the client’s first thoughts and ideas, through to the last finishing touches of the building. Grahame now undertakes many design aspects himself and will oversee all jobs that come through the office. We are registered with the following local business directories: Yell.com  Evesham Journal

Our Expertise

Unlike many of our competitors in this particular field, we are able to not only provide the architectural services, but cost estimation too. Because this business has completed both building and design over such an extended period of time, it has experience of the practical problems and solutions, as well as all of the construction costs. Grahame is able to point out at a very early stage which aspect of any particular proposal is likely to involve higher than average costs.